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About CPTA

The Products Tankers Division operates a fleet of 20 to 25 Medium Range IMO 2/3 Products Tankers. Ultranav’s fully owned subsidiary PTMC (Product Tankers Management Company) manages the CPTA (Clean Products Tankers Alliance). The team is comprised of 35 members from 7 different nationalities, operating from two offices. Commercial activities are handled from Miami, Florida while Operations, Business Support and Accounting departments are based in Santiago de Chile.

CPTA has refocused its commercial strategy to the Americas with a dedicated fleet in the area. A high commitment and closeness to their local client base ensures a tailored service. CPTA has established long terms COA agreements with some of the largest refiners and oil Majors in the region.

With a niche mentality and an expert regional approach CPTA is carving a strong position as ‘A partner you can trust‘ in the Clean Products imports and exports trade in the Americas.

CPTA key figures




Million tonnes




Port calls

CPTA fleet

Fleet list 46,000-55,000 dwt

Arendal 14 2010 49,999 No
Cururo 3 2021 52,823 Yes
Esteem Discovery 4 2020 49,999 Yes
Mantaro I 15 2009 51,200 No
Pag 9 2015 49,990 Yes
PS Augusta 13 2011 49,999 No
PS Capri 13 2011 50,895 No
PTI Huang He 8 2016 49,999 Yes
Seaways Athens 12 2012 50,342 No
Seaways Cape May 9 2015 49,990 Yes
Seaways Galle 17 2007 47,782 No
Seaways Hercules 17 2007 47,786 No
Seaways Kenosha 8 2016 50,082 Yes
Seaways Kolberg 9 2015 50,108 Yes
Seaways Kythnos 14 2010 50,100 No
Seaways Loma 9 2015 49,990 Yes
Seaways Lookout 9 2015 50,136 Yes
Seaways Nantucket 16 2008 51,226 No
Seaways Niagara 16 2008 51,258 No
Seaways Oak 15 2009 51,260 No
Seaways Skopelos 15 2009 50,200 No
Seaways Stamford 9 2015 49,990 Yes
Yaca 3 2021 49,995 Yes
Yufu Crown 4 2020 49,997 Yes
Zoilo 9 2015 49,990 Yes

With a niche mentality and an expert regional approach,
CPTA is carving a strong position as a partner you can
trust in the clean products trade in the Americas.

Core values

CPTA lives by a set of corporate values, guiding us in our way of doing business.
We always strive to be a partner you can trust. If you want to know more about the guidelines we live by, please see our General business principles.



We seek to contribute to our customers’ competitiveness by anticipating and meeting their needs.

We encourage creativity and innovation, introducing solutions that are beyond the ordinary.

We strive to continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of our services.



We are passionate about our work and our company.

We believe that personal commitment and work well done make a difference.

We challenge ourselves to create value and exceed our customers’ expectations.



We act in an ethical manner, focusing on sustainability and safeguarding our reputation.

We encourage personal and professional development and a fair balance between work and private life.

We promote team spirit in a multicultural environment, without discrimination of any kind.



We believe that safety is an integral part of our mindset and key to our business success.

We place safety first, keeping health, life, environment, cargoes and assets free of risks.

We are committed to developing and stimulating a safe working culture onboard ships and ashore.

A partner you can trust

Maritime Anti-Corruption Network

The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) is a global business network working towards the vision of a maritime industry free of corruption that enables fair trade to the benefit of all.

Getting to Zero Coalition

The Getting to Zero Coalition is committed to supporting the development of Zero Emission Vessels by 2030, whilst also pursuing a full decarbonisation of the industry by 2050.


CPTA is part of Ultranav, a large and diversified group of shipping companies. Ultranav was founded in Chile in 1960 by Captain Albert von Appen.